Interesting Facts about Pandas – More than just cuddly-looking creatures

Giant pandas are known to many because of their enormous built. They are also commended for their cute-looking features. Basically, these mammals are not capable of hibernating. They seldom do this. These pandas are usually situated in the mountain ranges of China. They inhibit Shaanxi, Gansu and as well as Sichuan. They can also stay in most lowland areas out there. There are just places that do now allow pandas. These are the ones that conduct forest clearing, farming and other developmental areas.

Their habitat and more

These giant pandas are always in coniferous and broadleaf forests. They prefer ones with bamboo though. They like them elevated between almost 5,000 to 10,000 feet. Apart from this, torrential rains also play an important role in their lives. The same is also true with dense mist. They would like heavy clouds though.

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Giant pandas are popular for their recognizable color. As for their body, they are found from that of typical bears. The fur on their eye patches, ears, shoulders, muzzle and legs are colored in black. As for the rest of the coat of the animal, it is in white. Most scientists are not yet sure as to why these bears are always in black and white. However, there is a speculation to explain this. It is claimed that the bold coloring it goes with gives off effective camouflage to their rocky and snowy surroundings. The thick wooly coat of the panda on the other hand is meant to keep it warm. This is just useful whenever they are in their habitat. These giant pandas are also known for their very large moral teeth. The same is also true with their strong jaw muscles which are intended to crush whatever material there is like bamboos. These animals are highly commended for their cuteness. They are said to be chunky too. However, the reality is that these giant pandas can be really dangerous. It is as compared to other kinds of bears known to many.

These pandas are known for munching bamboos. Almost 99% of their diet comprise this actually. If there is balance though, this is made up of occasional small rodents and as well as grasses. This is also the case with musk deer fawns. As for most zoos, they usually eat bamboo. They also consume rice gruel and sugar cane. There is also this special high-fiber biscuit that they are very much fond of. The same fondness is also expressed in sweet potatoes, carrots and apples.

By nature, these pandas are solitary. They are not so into communication though. They do not do this periodically. These can connect through meetings, calls and even scent marks. Most of the time, off springs would stay delightfully with their mother. They would stay under their care for almost half to even three years. They would definitely live in the forests of bamboo. This is the case for almost so many years now. With this in mind, these pandas would always be unique.