Is Rachael Ray Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Photos

We have known Rachael Ray being a host in several shows in Food Network especially the 30 Minutes Meal, $40 a Day and Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels. Rachael made us hungry with her shows thanks to the delicious meals and food she features. Her lifestyle talk show, which is named after her, gives us insights into many things in life. It is so much fun watching her on screen. Of course, reading her books is a good investment that you should try. However, we noticed that she gained weight and we only think of Rachael Ray pregnant with her husband John Cusimano. Is she really pregnant despite her age?

As a celebrity cook, we enjoy seeing Rachael add some humor and life insights as she cooks. There is no dead time when she is on air.

Rachael’s cooking style is quick and easy, but restaurant quality. Since she has been part of our daily lives, we will notice if she is pregnant or not.

Rachael makes it look easy to cook meals on a budget and always does this with a huge smile. She really loves what she does.

Is Rachael pregnant in this photo? Some of you will notice the additional weight and the baby bump, but these are hard to tell with this image.

We have been watching Rachael‘s show for years now and we can’t help but notice changes to her body, and her weight gain can be attributed to pregnancy. Is this the case for her?

Rachael and John were married in 2005 and they live a semi-public life and we all know that the couple doesn’t have any child yet. Will that change now?

Some of us will definitely think she is pregnant, but at the age of 44 this might not be the case after all.

Rachael gained weight not because of being pregnant, but because of she is in the menopausal

She refuted the claim of pregnancy, but this does not stop us from liking her especially her quick and easy cooking.

She may not be pregnant or capable of pregnancy, but we all know how happy Rachael is with her life and that’s all that matters to us.